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Web Hacking: Become a Professional Web Pentester

Web Hacking: Become a Professional Web Pentester

Learn everything you need to execute web application security assessments as a professional ethical hacker

Web Hacking: Become a Professional Web Pentester

Why hacking is fun

Understand web security problems and how to fix them

Find security vulnerabilities in web applications

Start working as a penetration tester for web applications

How traditional and modern web applications work

How the process of ethical hacking works

Get practical experience in exploiting web applications

How to do ethical hacking projects the right way

How professional penetration testing works


Students need to have IT background.
Virtual machines are used in the course, a user level understanding of VMWare or Virtualbox is needed.

Who this course is for:

Developers who want to secure their web applications.
People who want to become penetration tester.
Penetration testers who want extend their portfolio to web applications.
Anybody who work in IT or studies it and is interested in web hacking.